Documenting the Christmas Crazy, Days 3 and 4

If you are a NoCamo reader, you know I have been documenting the final week leading up to FBC-FH‘s 2010 Christmas musical, the Promise of Christmas (check day one and day two). It was so crazy yesterday, I didn’t even get to write about how crazy it was! And today was just as crazy, so I will be brief.

I’ve been going practically non-stop this week. Errands, running cable, setting up mics, working on the program… every variety of this, that, and the other.

Tonight was the dress rehearsal. We had to cancel the last Celebration Choir rehearsal of the year last night, as the roads were in the process of turning to ice. As you might have guessed, canceling the last rehearsal before the main performance of the year is a little nerve-wracking. But we rolled with it, and everyone sang wonderfully tonight. The drama went really well, and the technical elements are in place.

As I told everyone tonight, we are at the Point of No Return. We have been working on various elements of this for months. There are always things that can be tweaked or reworked or refined. But we go live tomorrow night. Everyone has worked SO hard. It is time to let the Holy Spirit do what He does… strengthen us and enable us to be effective beyond our ability.

I also told everyone to be in prayer for the next two days. There are SO many lost and hurting people within our city and surrounding communities. I am praying that we fill our church with people who are far from God or that do not know Him. I pray that we are bold and clear about the reality of the Gospel and our need for the Savior born in Bethlehem. I pray that those attend are generous in their gifts for Mosaic Pregnancy and Health Centers.

Tomorrow is performance number one…

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  1. PLEASE…..DON’T FORGET MY DVD! Program sounds great – I’m looking forward to seeing it. Wish I could be there in person.

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