Documenting the Christmas Crazy, Day 1

This is Go week. This Friday and Saturday, my church presents The Promise of Christmas.

The Music Ministries of our church have been working on this since August. Many hours, many volunteers and resources. They all culminate in the next few days.

I thought I would document my week. Christmas musical week is CRAZY every single year, and this year I’m going to document the crazy.

Today, I began by loading our projection PC with the video clips for the musical. Every song will have a corresponding background video, including one that I will be putting together over the next couple of days. While working on the videos, I lined up an appointment to borrow a manger from another local church.

Next, I looked over costumes, checked our shepherd situation, cancelled outreach for this evening (due to 2° wind chills), consulted with our office staff about some advertising, ran a couple of errands, and proceeded to clear the platform of about 75% of the equipment, cabling, and stands. Here’s a pic…

A couple of our men are building some side stage curtains, so I finished my day by helping get those set up.

It all starts up again tomorrow. Day two. Stay tuned…



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