Documenting the Christmas Crazy, Day 2

I just got back from tech rehearsal for the Promise of Christmas (this year’s Christmas musical). We were able to run through the entire musical’s lighting, sound, and projection cues, position some lights, and work through some staging. Special thanks to Larry, Daniel, and Jeff for all the hard work tonight.

Earlier today, I was able to borrow a manger from a nearby Nazarene church, finish clearing off the platform, and take some promo material to our local Chick-Fil-A.

Tomorrow, we will have our last Celebration Choir rehearsal of the year (not including the dress rehearsal Thursday night). A little nerve-wracking, but our choir has done such a great job preparing this music.

Side note: I will likely write about this later, but the Promise of Christmas marks the first time our church has used Facebook ads. If the stats they have provided me are correct, MANY people have seen our ad over the past few days. Really looking forward to seeing how that translates in terms of attendance.

Until tomorrow…

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