What a Week

Haven’t been able to post this week. Much has happened, as I detailed here.

Add an illness/sinus/laryngitis thing on top of everything else has made things even more strenuous.

I’ve learned a couple of things:

  1. Social media is not another inbox; it is a river. I didn’t come up with that analogy, but I have learned to embrace it. I used to feel like, on days where I was busy and had not hopped on HootSuite, that I needed to go back and read everything I missed. I now realize that Twitter is a very immediate medium. If I miss anything, I am missing the moment in time as well, so no big loss.
  2. When your body needs to stop… STOP. I went home for lunch yesterday and slept for four hours. That is VERY uncommon for me. If I hadn’t, I might not have been able to lead worship, much less lead a very necessary Christmas-centric choir rehearsal. Illness shows us how our priorities are relative to our ability to accomplish them.
  3. I was reminded yet again what a crisis is: an event that overtakes your calendar (thanks, Dr. Caner for that definition). Everything at the top of your to-do list gets reevaluated.

I’m starting to catch my breath, by the grace of God. Continue to keep our pastor, his family, our church, and its staff in your prayers. Thanks.

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