Sunday Setlist 102410

Welcome, Worship Community and NoCamo readers. Here is yesterday’s Sunday Setlist…

Morning Worship

  • What a Mighty God We Serve (pre-service, instrumental)
  • Alive Forever, Amen
  • Your Great Name (new song by Natalie Grant)
  • In Christ Alone
  • special music including I Can Only Imagine and Alpha and Omega

-link to Planning Center script

Youth Worship

  • Big House
  • It Is You
  • God of the City
  • Freedom Is Here

-link to Planning Center Script

Sunday was very interesting to say the least.

Saturday night, my pastor, Bryan Webb, was involved in a five-car accident and is in the hospital. Please remember him and his family in your prayers. Read this for more details.

I was on the way home from a wedding reception when I got the call about Pastor. Didn’t get home until about 4am Sunday morning. Thus, I and several of our deacons were running on fumes. I lost my voice in the process. Our student minister, Larry Bragg, had to write a message late Saturday night.

Plus, Sunday was the day our new sound system went live, so many things were up in the air.

But you know what? God is good. Yesterday’s Morning Worship service was one of the sweetest times of worship I have experienced in a while. I had been praying really hard for yesterday’s services for a couple of weeks. He is really amazing. So thankful.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist 102410

  1. I was so moved at how the Lord worked yesterday with the music He lead you to do.
    When we started sining “Alive Forever, Amen” the tears would not stop flowing! I felt His presence! The way it was sung was truly amazing.
    I felt like I was at God’s concert. Thank you!!

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