Not a Plus-1 Family

Tony is eight going on nine. He has been out of town for almost three weeks.

Specifically, he is with his dad.

I’m his stepdad. I’ve never written about it, but I got to thinking about him while I was mowing the lawn (I get a lot of thinking done out there).

I also don’t talk about it much because I really don’t think of him as my stepson. It’s not a thought that pops in my head much.

I’ve known him practically all his life. I met his mama when Tony was two. He gave Jamy away at our wedding.

I know my role. Families like ours are becoming the norm. His dad and my wife were never married, and his dad is still in his life.

We have really missed him these past weeks. It really isn’t the same around here without him. He keeps us on our toes.

See you Monday, Bubby. I love you!