Sunday In Review 080110

A few thoughts about worship today…

1. One person saved, one public profession of faith, four baptized, four joined the church, other decisions… what a blessing!

2. The music today was really uplifting. The Spirit moved. Special thanks to the Celebration Choir and Orchestra for a wonderful job. Speaking of the choir…

3. Today was the choir’s first Sunday back from summer hiatus. They sounded wonderful! So glad we are back in full swing. Christmas music has been handed out and prep has already begun.

4. Pastor Bryan preached a wonderful message in the sermon series, “Crucified with Christ.” He spoke about what it means to have Christ living within us. A powerful word.

5. Great attendance today. MANY visitors, as well as some of our own back from vacations.

6. Youth worship was great this evening. The praise band played Monster by Skillet (I got to play bass, which was a lot of fun), and one of our college students gave his testimony and talked about his desire to serve our community.

Another brief thought…

Perry Noble said something that got me thinking earlier this week. He tweeted the following

If you are not excited about your church service this Sunday then satan probably is!

We NEED to be excited about what will happen at church! To lack excitement is to belittle God’s potential to impact our lives, and THAT is a mistake. Something to think about.