Recent Events at Liberty

There has been a lot of talk online this evening following the announcement of the removal of Dr. Ergun Caner as dean of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

There are many sources proclaiming the news. Arguably, some are proclaiming it with more satisfaction and vitriol than others. As such, I will not go into the particulars here. Liberty concluded its investigation and delivered its verdict.

I take issue with many out there that have taken delight in this result, or have expressed disappointment in Dr. Caner’s continued professorship. Followers of Jesus Christ that rejoice in the perceived errors of a brother and their consequences should examine their motives.

I further take issue with those that believe that Dr. Caner needs to respond (i.e., repent) publicly merely because they think he should. It seems like the more public the person, the more some people believe they should have a say in how the person in the public eye responds to issues.

I commit to continuing to pray for the Caner family during this time. I encourage others to do the same.

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