Mowing the Lawn: Work Gloves

A couple of weeks ago, I mowed the yard for the first time at this house. Kinda had to, since the neighbor already did. Our lawn was starting to look a little like a plateau next to theirs.

Anyway, I had to purchase a new gas can, so I made the necessary Target run. Went and got some fuel, yanked the mower out of the garage (leaving a path of disarray in my wake), and filled ‘er up.

The mower started OK, but it wasn’t liking the mix of the new gas and the quarter-inch worth of old gas left in the mower. Undaunted, I pressed on, and proceeded to attack the plateau.

Things started OK. The grass was a little high, so it was slow going in the beginning. About halfway through, I noticed things were not improving, and thought they might be getting worse.. I kept checking the mulching bag to see if it was filling up too quickly, but it seemed fine.

Finally, I decided to take the bag off and see if the rear of the mower was clogged. I shook the bag to redistribute the grass to the bottom, only to discover the (possible) reason for my struggles: an unscathed pair of work gloves were sucked up into the bag.

It is possible that they were accidentally left in there by the movers when they transported our mower. I could pin it on them, sure. That is, if I hadn’t remembered leaving a pair of work gloves in the yard while we were cleaning it up weeks ago.

Needless to say, the combination of glove removal and a fresh tank of gas resulted in a much more effective mow. Plateau no mo’.

If I hadn’t taken action to correct the problems I found with my mower, would I still have been able to finish mowing the yard? Probably. But the results would have been less than desirable at best.

When we become aware of sin in our lives, we can leave it there and, well, coast along. But we will never be effective in our walk with God. And one step on a slippery slope usually leads to a spiritual downhill ride.

We simply can’t coast. Not a single day.