Orange Pre-Conference with Human3rror

One of the pre-conference sessions I attended at the Orange Conference 2010 was entitled “Developing a Social Media Strategy.” It was presented by John Saddington, known in the Twitter/Blog world as Human3rror. Click here for his extensive bio.

This is not by any means a comprehensive rehashing of every point that was made in the talk. The following notes are the points I took away from the session…

  • Technology should be subordinate to ministry.
  • Technology needs to be innovative, but not at the expense of the context or historicity of the church.
  • A TOOL is not a STRATEGY. Facebook is not a strategy: it is a tool.
  • The church leverages tools that are secular. Strategy must be tool-independent, or “tool-agnostic.” If Facebook/Twitter/other goes away tomorrow, will the overall strategy still exist?
  • P.O.S.T. strategy: People – Objectives – Steps – Technology
  • Make one person accountable. Do not appoint a committee to a tool.
  • Determine the target customer. Who will use the forum?
  • Use a sniper approach instead of a shotgun.
  • Develop metrics for success. What defines an accomplishment?
  • Do due diligence with technology. Research appropriate tools.
  • Finally, whatever you decide to do… DO IT. Execute.

As contact with those we serve becomes more and more important in a disconnected world, it’s essential to develop organized methods to use technology to impart information in our churches. I really gained a good grasp of what our church needs to do next, and am in the process of implementing what I’ve learned. Thanks, John.