Just Listen

Dove of the Holy Spirit
Image by hops_76 via Flickr


I have been reading about, thinking about, and praying to the Holy Spirit a lot lately. I think it is way too easy to forget about Him, and it is a shame when we do.


I think the reason He is easily ignored is because He rarely shouts.


There have been times when I have sought the Holy Spirit’s guidance in the midst of the din of iTunes/iPod/talk radio/web radio to no avail. But when I shut off the garbage and sought to commune with Him, He spoke to me in an unmistakable, yet quiet, voice.


Too often, I believe we ignore/tune out His voice because we think of the Holy Spirit as an “it” rather than co-equal with the Father and the Son. Is He any less God? We worship the Trinity, not a “du-inity+1.”


Embracing the presence of the Holy Spirit within us is completely empowering! Jesus went so far as to tell His disciples that they needed to stay in Jerusalem until the Spirit came upon them (Acts 1:4-5). Jesus knew that, with Him gone, the disciples would need the comfort and power the Holy Spirit would provide, and they shouldn’t go anywhere less than fully “equipped.” Neither should we.


If you are Born Again, you have the Spirit within you. I’d encourage you to give Him room to speak in our noisy world. And when He leads, obey.