In Every Sense of the Word

I feel like I need to weigh in on the murder of George Tiller, the abortionist that was murdered while serving in a church in Kansas yesterday morning.

I have intentionally resisted the urge to read any other blogs regarding this subject, so I may or may not repeat opinions of others here.

My perspective: I am pro-life in every sense of the word, and in every sense of the Word. I believe that partial birth abortion is a heinous act of murder, and the murder of the most defenseless among us.

I further believe that sin is sin. God does not make distinctions as to which sins are worse than others: that is a human misconception.

I do not believe this man deserved murder, because no one does. I guarantee there are some out there making the argument that he deserved to die for all the babies he slaughtered. To those pundits I offer the following:

What did you do today that earned YOUR murder?

Please understand. I am not anti-punishment under the law. But abortion isn’t illegal. Not for now. Should it be? Absolutely. I believe the politicians in this country that have allowed this to go on will be held accountable for that fact one day. The issue remains that just because something is a sin does not necessarily mean it is illegal, unfortunately.

Bottom line: we followers of Christ really need to be careful not to rejoice or take satisfaction in the slaughter of another. Matthew 5:21-22 addresses this line of thought.

Tiller was wrong. The person who killed him was wrong. We are ALL wrong. Christ died for EXACTLY that reason. He was NEVER wrong. He was blameless. And He died on the cross so we would not have to. We all deserve a cross. All of us.

One last thing. Just because an abortionist is murdered does not make abortion ok. A lot of the “news” reports about this murder are talking about pro-life advocates needing to soften their message, and I even saw a call for a national day of mourning for Tiller. Neither of these things should happen. First, the sin for which he gained his notoriety is just as much a sin today as it was yesterday. Second, though we should not celebrate his murder, we certainly should not celebrate his life’s work. He accomplished much AGAINST the body of Christ, and that fact deserves no accolades.