Reflections on InnovateChurch 2009


In my last post, I reflected on day one of InnovateChurch 2009. I got up early on Tuesday morning, worked out in the quaint little gym at the hotel, read my Bible, and tapped out my thoughts on the first three sessions. I had plans to repeat this process the next day.


Not to be.


Charles Billingsley described the way I felt on Wednesday morning as a “Holy Hangover.” No workout. Did manage to read my Bible. But use my iPhone to write anything that made sense? No.


Enough excuses. Here we go.


I have told a number of people this and I repeat it now: I needed to go to this conference for reasons I didn’t know about until I got there. I knew that there was to be a focus on pastors and church planters in particular. What I didn’t know was that the majority of the speakers were led by the Spirit to talk about other things. Things like love. Secret sin. The power of God. Things I needed to hear.


First, I’d like to commend Charles and the praise band. They picked great songs and didn’t try to pump us up like some conferences do. They just glorified God in song.


There are other websites (including that go into detail about what the speakers said. Instead, I will document what spoke to me (and what I haven’t already tweeted).


Francis Chan… One of my favorites before the conference. He spoke on the Holy Spirit and reading the Word.


Don’t run from the Word of God. Run to it.


Being in church makes us insecure rather than courageous.


As education increases, boldness decreases.


If you were stranded on a deserted island and read the Bible cover to cover, what would you determine about the Holy Spirit?


I need this Holy Spirit.


Churches today are so STOPPABLE.


I believe in my prayers.


Ed Stetzer… Spoke on Secret Sins and Spiritual Power.


There are no small sins.


If Satan can’t compromise our beliefs, he us more than happy to settle for compromising our character.


We should live Gospel-Centered and Repentance-Filled lives.


Mark Deymaz… Spoke on building a healthy multi-ethnic church.


Perry Noble… Another favorite of mine. He preached the Prodigal Son from the perspective of the older brother.


The older brother was sitting in the seat of power. He was lost too, too busy protecting the way things had always been done.


If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill.


Jesus didn’t die for your political party.


Greg Surratt…


Innovation is the product of desperation.


There’s a difference between “dangerous” and “edgy.”


Everybody’s good at something, even if it’s being a bad example.


Billy Hornsby… Spoke on Three Things That Steal Our Zeal.


Chris Hodges…


There is no substituting what goes on inside a person.


Don’t think about what you’re doing. Think about what you’re becoming.


“Surrender to the call of God” sounds like torture.


I didn’t stay for the last session with Lance Witt, but I have it on my iPod and look forward to hearing it.


These are just some of the notes I took over the latter two of the three days of the conference. God bless TRBC, Jonathan Falwell, the TRBC staff, and all the pastors that spoke.


I am praying for all the church planters that are going through with God’s call on their lives. May they have courage to proclaim the Gospel where God has called them. Praise God for the way He is moving.