InnovateChurch Day 1

Wow! What a first day! I am in Lynchburg, VA, at Thomas Road Baptist Church for their InnovateChurch pastors/church planters conference. I told my wife last night that the Holy Spirit is really using this conference to stir things in me that I didn’t expect.


Eric Geiger-drifting towards complexity and drifting off mission, and the importance of discipleship as a process in our churches
Kerry Shook-What would you do if you knew you (or your church) only had one month to live? Are you allowing God to do everything He wants in your ministry?
Jonathan Falwell-vision dies through pride, jealousy, stagnation, and worrying what others think. Believe that God can do the impossible in you.

Powerful stuff. Charles Billingsley and the team serve up worship hot as always. Can’t wait to hear what God has laid on the hearts of the speakers today.