Virtual Prayer Tour of Wellman Manor

I often like to drift to sleep in prayer. I heard the evangelist in my church’s prayer revival last week say that falling asleep while praying was OK: how better to fall sleep than in the arms of Jesus? While no substitute for my usual prayer time, I like to go over the day in prayer in my last conscious moments.

I’m not sure why I did this. Last night, I started praying, and I mentally walked through my house, thanking God for everything I “saw.” It took a while! Not long into my “virtual tour,” I was overwhelmed by how blessed I really am! I felt like I just wanted God to know that, as best I am able, I don’t want to take anything for granted.

In Mark 6, Jesus told His disciples not to focus on taking things with them for their journey. He wanted them to rely on His providence. Though we all have more to our names than a one tunic, a staff, and sandals, we also should not focus on what God has NOT provided. He has provided much!

Above all, He provided Jesus Christ, the ultimate provision for whatever we face!

I forget who said it, but it’s true: you never see a U-Haul attached to a hearse. God gives us everything we need to serve Him and to give Him glory. May we always be thankful.

Try a “tour” of your own! It will open your eyes.