Have you ever drawn a blank? I am right now.

I have endeavored to be better about writing my blog, but I find myself searching for topics at times. I am not a preacher, so I can’t talk about the direction of my sermon study. I have a fruitful devotional life, but that shouldn’t always be accessible publicly. I am a meager music minister. As Ray Stevens used to say, “I just play my little piano, sing my little songs.” (By the way, anybody out there that gets that reference gets a cookie. Bonus points if you can name the song, or even just its topic. Triple word score if you can sing any part of it.)

It’s discouraging to think that I am so un-interesting that I have nothing with which to fill a couple of virtual lines in cyberspace. I read the blog of Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church the other day, and he said that he doesn’t Twitter because his life would amount to drink one Diet Coke after another. I refuse to believe that, but is that what has happened to me?

Even as I type this, I am thinking how truly blessed I am! After all, this blog could be filled with how miserable I am (believe me, I’ve seen those out there). It could be outlining my failing health, the disintegration of my family, the collapse of my ministry, my ongoing struggle with depression, or any number of other maladies that are (unfortunately) common today.

Life is awesome! My Savior is amazing! He died for me so that I might live eternally! He is coming soon! I love my family! I love my ministry! I get to tell others about Him!

If I have to have writer’s block every now and then to reaffirm who He is, I’ll take it.