Successes and the Continuing Work

I am hearing wonderful things from all over the place about lives that were changed during services Easter Sunday. One church planted three new churches and saw hundreds saved. Another saw several hundred saved in their services. Yet another saw over 700 saved. I have been amazed at the extent God has been at work in houses of worship lately.

How many more are unaware?

I saw an article about a website that, after the rapture, will send your loved ones an email with a final plea to turn to Christ before all is lost for eternity. Now, I don’t really have a problem with such an enterprise. Some of the comments about the website, however, were troubling.

One person said that if all the “Bible-thumpers” were to disappear, it would be great. “We could teach science and reason in our schools, give everyone equal rights, explore space, and clean up the environment. It would be a golden age for mankind.”

WHAT? Let me see if I understand. Millions of people vanish. Untold chaos erupts worldwide. And from all that… paradise ensues?

Another person said that unbelievers were the ones that would be “swept away,” because in Matthew 24 it says that it would be as it was in the days of Noah. Just goes to show that a little knowledge (very little) is a dangerous thing.

There were dozens more examples of misinformation, truth rejection, and absurdity. But they all point to why we need to remain vigilant and not rest on our successes. Millions need Christ, including those behind every negative comment towards our God and what He plans to do. I pray for every one of those anonymous souls that desperately need salvation before they are unpleasantly surprised by the reality of what’s to come.

Every Sunday is a new opportunity. Every minute of every day is a new opportunity. Let us all look for new ways to tell others about the hope we have in Christ.