Which Way Do I Go?

Pray for your Pastor(s) and church leaders. Lift them up. And pray that God will continue to raise up leaders to soldier on through the days ahead.

God Defines You

You are not defined by your limitations nor your past failures. You are created by Almighty God. Stay true to Him.

Grimacing Musically: Why Musicians Should Wear an Apron

I believe that a connection between those leading music and the congregation during corporate worship is essential if there is to be unity in worship. We on the platform cannot isolate ourselves, drift off into our own closed-eyed Spirit-filled moment, and leave everyone else to fend for themselves.

People Who Have Shaped My Ministry

I am taking a cue from Thom Rainer. He wrote a post about people who have shaped his ministry. I thought I would do the same. As is true of his list, this list is not exhaustive and is sorted alphabetically... Adrian Rogers - His sermons have educated my soul. Andy Stanley - His practical … Continue reading People Who Have Shaped My Ministry

The Haircut Conundrum

Since you were a little bitty boy Sittin' in a booster chair You might look like Larry, Moe, or Curly If a stranger cuts your hair. (from The Haircut Song by Ray Stevens) It's always difficult finding a place to get a haircut. When my family and I lived in Lexington, this wasn't an issue. … Continue reading The Haircut Conundrum

Which Day Off?

I woke up tired Monday morning. If you are someone involved with "making church happen" on any given Sunday, you know what I mean. My typical Sunday is as follows... up shortly after 5am time in the Word get ready for church at FBC-FH shortly after 7am turn on sound and projector systems Celebration Orchestra … Continue reading Which Day Off?

Get Outta Town!

OK. Just a few days ago, I wrote about the one thing I wouldn't write about. So, I will dance around the subject. Let's say, hypothetically, that a controversial bill was up for a vote and was certain to pass. And let's say that, in order for a vote to take place, at least one … Continue reading Get Outta Town!

Technique or Restriction?

We have a blast in RESONATE, our youth choir at FBC-FH. At Sunday's rehearsal, we began to put some finishing touches on It All Belongs to You by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. We are memorizing it so that the choir can feel more free with their worship. To that end, I gave them a clapping lesson. … Continue reading Technique or Restriction?

Documenting the Christmas Crazy, Days 3 and 4

If you are a NoCamo reader, you know I have been documenting the final week leading up to FBC-FH's 2010 Christmas musical, the Promise of Christmas (check day one and day two). It was so crazy yesterday, I didn't even get to write about how crazy it was! And today was just as crazy, so … Continue reading Documenting the Christmas Crazy, Days 3 and 4

Documenting the Christmas Crazy, Day 2

I just got back from tech rehearsal for the Promise of Christmas (this year's Christmas musical). We were able to run through the entire musical's lighting, sound, and projection cues, position some lights, and work through some staging. Special thanks to Larry, Daniel, and Jeff for all the hard work tonight. Earlier today, I was … Continue reading Documenting the Christmas Crazy, Day 2