Such a Busy Time. Gimme a Break.

It has been a busy few days around here, ministry-wise.

  • Celebration Choir is back in session, and we have already started working on Christmas music. Our graded choir program also fired back up this past Sunday.
  • This past weekend, my church hosted Secret Keeper Girl. The production and facility preparations went on all week (and, for others, have been going on for quite some time).
  • We recently held a Block Party in our parking lot for the community.
  • In a couple of weeks, our church is adding a second service on Sunday mornings.
  • Our Fall Festival and Trunk-or-Treat is fast approaching.
  • We are planning a Thanksgiving meal for the needy.
  • …and so much more.

Earlier today, my wife, Jamy, and I were talking about busyness. I told her that, as a pastor, I sometimes have to be reminded that I’m too busy, because if I’m not careful, I’ll let my calling take over my calendar and won’t take the time away from my job that I and my family needs (I don’t think I was that articulate in my conversation with her, but for the sake of this post, let’s assume I was.). She agreed, adding that, even if I don’t need time off, my family needs me to have time off for their sake.

Oh, did I mention I took today off?

As busy as things are right now? Darn tootin’.

No regrets. Superman I ain’t.

There are several things I need to remember, as the church and the Worship Arts Ministry grows…

  • My Sabbath must be a priority.
  • My wife and kids must come before the church.
  • My walk with Christ must grow closer still.
  • I must, through grace, say NO to things.

Anybody guilty of being too busy?

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