Christian One Issue Voter Seeks Candidate

Let me start this post by saying that I am by no means a political prognosticator. My views are likely not unique. I do not have any inside information to share. But I feel that I need to mark the occasion of this election due to the controversies, implications, and divisiveness it has wrought.

First off, I am not going to indicate for whom I voted (I voted a few days ago). I am not ashamed of my decision, but I am not giving free publicity to my chosen candidate(s) either. There are plenty of pundits from the evangelical world that have weighed in on how they are voting and why (Piper, Grudem, and Mohler to name a few). These articles offer thought provoking opinions, especially regarding the WHY. I believe that such discussions should ultimately be limited to issues of governance. After all, how are we to debate which failed, sinful human being is a worse failed, sinful human being? If this is a contest on character, I am just as wretched as any candidate on any ticket, and am not qualified to judge.

I have decided to make this election about one issue. In secular culture, this kind of decision is met with disdain, assuming that one who makes such a decision is uninformed, uninvested, or does not care about the election’s outcome. None of these are true of me. In fact, I am not a one-issue person in general. I have conservative opinions on the gamut of cultural, economic, governmental, and international subjects. Still, I have decided to make this election very simple.

I voted for life.

I am a blood-bought, sold-out, Bible-believing child of God. I make no apologies for this, and have no shame in declaring such. I believe that the destruction of unborn human life in the womb is sinful. I grieve for the millions of unborn babies that have lost their lives due to a court decision based on bad law and bad practice of it (as well as those globally). I lament for those who regret the decision to have an abortion or to perform them, and I encourage them to seek forgiveness and peace from the God of all comfort. I envision a day when we can look back on the years since Roe v. Wade with sadness but hope for a future without its ramifications. I call upon God to spark a revival in this country and around the world, and I pray it begins with me.

My vote was cast for the candidate that I believe is more likely to protect life, based on past governing decisions and statements. Legislation, Supreme Court nominations, executive orders and policies… all are factors that can either slow or stop abortions in this country or can remove existing restrictions and speed up and/or fund them. I pray that candidate governs for the former instead of the latter.

As I close, I urge us all to pray for all our leaders, and for those that are elected or remain elected tomorrow (or whenever all the votes are finally counted, but that’s a topic for a different blogger). Regardless what happens, I will not grieve. No election in the history of the world has removed God from his throne, and 2020 will not be the year to break that trend. Please believe me when I say that. We will weather whatever storm is coming, because one always is coming. Trust God.