Tablet Blogging

I won’t make excuses for the haphazard frequency of posting lately. It’s a reality, but I quite simply haven’t taken the time to write. Well, I’ve written some things, but nothing ready to publish.

What I thought I’d do is shake up my processes. I think, for the next few posts, I will create, edit, and post them completely from my Nexus 7.

I’m going to experiment with different text input styles, schedules, and work flows. Since I have been drafting posts in my notebook (for those who know me as a Moleskine user, I filled up my last one and, not wanting to plunk down dozens of dollars on a new one, I found a really cool notebook at Michael’s for $5), I will likely continue that practice.

I’ve been meaning to do more blogging on my tablet,  as I see this as the future of writing (which I’ll write more about in my next post).