A Bigger iPhone?

OK, here’s my take on the new iPhone 6.

No, it hasn’t been announced yet. But everything I’ve read points to a larger iteration (or two).

I currently carry the 5S, but I think it is too big. I have to stretch to reach the top of the phone with my thumb. In my opinion, everything on a smartphone should be reachable with the thumb, without strain or having to change hand positions. When I want something larger, I grab my Nexus 7, on which I am drafting this post (SwiftKey rocks, by the way).

If the rumors are true, and the 6 is 4.7 inches or more, I will seriously consider a non-Apple phone for the first time since my 3G. Yeah, I’ve toyed with the idea before , but I really feel that Android is a much more viable option today than it was a few years ago.

Anybody else share my view?