Cell Phone No More

I think it’s time for a revolution.

When we shop for a phone, what do we look for? Size of screen, memory, graphics. How it will handle social media.  Productivity options. OS. A few other factors.

Does anyone shop for a phone for the call quality anymore?

Sure, reviewers will test call quality because, well, they are reviewing a PHONE. But we don’t BUY them for that. Well,  some may. But the majority do not.

So why do we still call them phones?

The most recent update to my Mac allows it to make voice calls via FaceTime, and it already had that ability with Skype. I don’t call my Air a super-sized phone, do I?

Voice transmission is becoming a secondary feature on our mobile devices, so a better descriptor is required.

I have always preferred “mobile” with a long “i.” Probably stems from my affection for British television. But I find it a more 21st century term for the device that accompanies me everywhere 24/7.

Will it catch on? Who knows. I only know that I can’t be the only person who thinks this way.

Who’s with me?