Feeling Stuck

I have a tendency to look ahead. To wonder, “what is next?” In some ways, I am visionary (not A visionary – adjective, not noun). Forward-thinking. More often than not, though, I tend toward feeling stuck. Feeling like I have no momentum and am, well, “stuck” is the best word for it.

Is it impatience? Restlessness? Lack of trust in God’s timing? In a word (or words), yes. And just when I think I have it licked, it rears its ugly head again.

I know there are no accidents. I know that, as long as I’m usable, I’m useful and have a purpose.

But, in the immortal words of G.I. Joe, “knowing is half the battle.” However, I would add that it is ONLY half. To KNOW and to DO are two completely different things.

All of the richest blessings of my life have come at times when I was not expecting them and could never have planned for them. I met the love of my life at a time in my life when I would have never expected it. Ministerial and occupational successes have come in spite of me, not because of me.

I guess it boils down to patience. I really have to trust that God has a timetable, and He has never felt the need to ask my opinion about said timetable. I need to be more OK with that.

I think we all do from time to time.