Go Hard or Go Home

As I’m dictating this (last week), I have just dropped my kids off at school. As I’ve written about before, I let the kids select the music for our drive to school. This morning, Tony wasn’t too particular, so we just picked random songs from the playlist I use when I go running. During his turn, he just decided to let the next song on that playlist play. It happened to be Go Hard by Lecrae and Tedashii (by the way… VERY impressed that Siri could spell that name).

I have that song on that playlist as a motivating song, but I was motivated in a different way that morning.

I’m such a wimp!

How often do I invite people to church? How often do I actively till someone about Jesus? Sure, I am very open about my faith at work and with people I come across. But that really isn’t enough. I am a wimp most of the time.

There are those that say that we should tell others about Jesus with our lives, and, when we have to, use words. The problem with that statement is that Jesus told us to use words! We are to tell others about him. And too often I don’t.

Anyone else?