My Weekend

This past weekend, I got to experience two firsts…

1. I got to officiate my first wedding.
2. I got to attend a Korean worship service.

These events happened concurrently.

As a church musician, I’ve taken part in more weddings than I can count. This was my first as the knot-tyer, as it were. I was asked to marry a sweet couple at a Korean church that my mother-in-law has attended before. They wanted to be married after the worship service Sunday morning. The pastor of the church apologized that the service would be entirely in Korean. I told him no apology was necessary.

It was a blessing to see another culture worship Jesus with their own language, conventions, music, and culture. In fact, the only English aspect of the service was the part for which I was responsible. They welcomed us and made us feel at home, and I’m grateful for their hospitality.

And if Google were to get into the live auto-translation business so I could understand what was being said, I’d go back!

How was your weekend?