Blogger Etiquette – To Delete or Not To Delete?

I have been going through some of the posts here on #NoCamo and editing for relevance. This has caused me to consider issues of authenticity and transparency.

Namely… when is it OK to simply delete, and when should text be crossed through?

Blogging is a living medium. By that, I mean that there is no printing press. There are no editions. There is no permanence. Edits are instantaneous and leave no eraser marks, as it were.

But I know of bloggers that make edits to posts and cross through removed words, effectively leaving them in the post so that the changes are apparent.

So, which is the best approach?

I believe deletion is OK. Times change. Opinions change. And the changes I made to the respective posts were necessary and, I believe, are necessarily inconspicuous

If you have printed archives of #NoCamo, then you might notice the changes. And I would love to hear from you.

Bloggers, what’s your take? Delete or cross through?

2 thoughts on “Blogger Etiquette – To Delete or Not To Delete?

  1. If a blogger is really, really wrong in a spectacularly public way, it is best to cross out the mistake or post a mea culpa. On the other hand, if no one even read the post, or if it was just a typo, spelling mistake, or factual error, why not correct or erase it? I’ve made my share of blog posts which I later regretted. But that comes with the territory. If you wish to have edgy content and be current, it is natural that sometimes mistakes will occur. The immediacy of blogging as an expression of thought gives it its value, but is also its Achilles heel. It’s just something we have to live with.

  2. True enough. I guess that’s why so many people write books via their blogs – the immediacy allows one almost to crowd source their content before committing it to page. Thanks for stopping by!

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