Missing a Blessing, or Doing Themselves a Favor – Uncomfortable Service

Once upon a time, there was a handsome music minister…

(Now, see, I’ve started this post badly. My fault.)

I once took a meeting with someone in a church I served that wanted some time with me to voice some concerns. I welcome meetings like that. There is never a guarantee of complete agreement, but at least concerns are voiced and addressed directly.

This person, during the course of the conversation, related to me that neither they nor their spouse participated in choir anymore. When I asked why, they told me it was because the style of music had changed over the years, and they did not feel they could worship with the style of music as is. So, they didn’t.

After our conversation, I grieved for them. Not for the music ministry. Not for the choir. Not for the church in general. For them.

Because they believed their worship was for them.

Because they felt that withholding their service was justified because of their preferences.

Because they, unintentionally, were rejecting potential blessings.

I’ve been there

How often have I been reluctant to serve in ways that were outside my comfort zone? Circumstances that were undeniably appointed by God but not quite my taste?

There are many stories in scripture of God calling individuals to uncomfortable service. Jonah, Joseph, Job, and Jesus, to name an alliterative few.

When Christ called out to His Father in the Garden of Gethsemane, He understood that He was going to have to die on the cross for the sins of the world. He voiced His concerns to God the Father, but submitted to His Father’s will.

When we are called upon to serve in ways that are uncomfortable, scary, or even painful, may we be evermore like our Savior in our submission to the will of God.


In what uncomfortable ways have you been called to serve? Was it hard to submit?