My Young Blessings

Yesterday, I baptized my daughter.

I am so thrilled for both my kids, as they both have accepted Christ at an early age and I got to baptize them both soon after their salvations.

I was saved at an early age, and I know what a blessing that is. My entire life has been a journey of faith, and, though I have the hills and valleys in my relationship with Christ that everyone does, I can point to a day when I was only five years old that I asked Jesus to save me.

I’d ask that you pray with me for Tony and Lydia. May they always acknowledge God’s presence in their lives. May they submit to the authority of God and rest in the comforting arms of their Father.

My kids are a true treasure to me. I am a failed, mistake-prone father, and they know it. But they also know I love them. And they love me.