Christ’s Return… Imminent or Millennia Away?

Last night at church, my pastor, Derek Holmes, said something that got me thinking. He referred to the rapture, saying that most Christians believe Christ’s return to be imminent. He then said that it might, in fact, be thousands of years away. We just don’t know.

Have you ever thought about that?

I’ve always believed that Christ’s return isn’t far off. The common belief is that modern-day humanity is so evil that God should be sending His Son for the second time any day now. But Genesis says that, in the time of Noah, the inhabitants of the earth thought only of evil continually (Genesis 6:5).

Imagine that! They ONLY thought of evil. As bad as the world is today, I don’t believe that it can be said that its people have ONLY evil thoughts.

So when will Christ come? Today? Tomorrow? Year 4,294?

Answer? The perfect time.

But it’s glorious to think about.