What I’m Reading During Thanksgiving

I’m taking the opportunity of the Thanksgiving holiday to catch up on some reading. Besides my ESV, here’s what I’m working through…

  1. The Well by Mark Hall – I wrote a review of Mark’s first book, Your Own Jesus, a while back. This book is just as well-written and convicting.
  2. The History of Hell – I saw a recommendation from Pastor Mark Driscoll for this PDF book by Christian History Magazine, so I’ve uploaded it to my Kindle and am giving it a shot.
  3. Google Reader – Keeping up with my blog reading.

What are you reading during Thanksgiving week?

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading During Thanksgiving

  1. I’ve got a huge backlog on “want to reads” (79 eBooks in Logos format+Kindle+Nook+Paper), but the reality for me is I’ll be reading the ESV this holiday.
    I’ve fallen behind in my normal reading of the ESVSB and I want to catch up to where I should be…that will require me to read/study 1 Kings.
    At some point I will also read/study Mark 2; if I have time, I will parallel study that with several commentaries–probably NICNT “The Gospel of Mark”, UBS’ “A Handbook on the Gospel of Mark”, The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament, and Baker New Testament Commentary: Mark.

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