Where Do You Go for News?

In this current age of uncertainty, it is imperative that we as Christians are informed about the day’s events. But unlike the world, we need to be on top of things, not to obsess about the direction of the world’s economy or about our fate as a nation, but in order to be able to speak to the issues of the day from a Biblical perspective as we relate to those around us, saved and unsaved.

So my question is… where do you go for news?

I am choosing to withhold my news regiment until those that choose to comment do so. So what’s your pleasure? Left wing / right wing / network / cable / online / print / mobile / blog?


2 thoughts on “Where Do You Go for News?

  1. My on-demand (pull) source for news is the Yahoo! News page. The info is pretty light on details, but it is free and canvasses a lot of sources, so I can easily compare the spins to attempt to figure out what the real facts might have been. I tried using Google News, but it just doesn’t measure up. Drudge report is too tedious–no way to preview the “top fold” content by hovering over a link. I subscribe to many RSS feeds, but mostly for niche news in areas I want to be “today” cognizant.
    I get a couple pushed news; I subscribe to the DoD casualty news feed, and pray for the families of the fallen. I also subscribe to the AF news feed to see what my business is telling the world.
    Unless something really big (9/11, Tornados, Mothra) is happening I pretty much never watch TV news. I don’t subscribe to newspapers, but mostly because I am a compulsive reader and also feel that I must read s.t. cover to cover–which I don’t have time to do–so they wind up sitting around for years until I finally feel more guilty that I can’t see the floor. Ergo, no newspapers or print magazines.

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