#NWLC11 Part 2 – Opening Night Worship

Thoughts from Monday night of NWLC11…

  • LOVED having the Twitter feed (#NWLC11) on the screens. Cool idea.
  • Cantos de Alabanza’s renditions of English worship songs sung in Spanish was very moving. It’s easy to forget that not everyone worships in English.
  • Getting on stage can become just as much of an idol as pulling a jade Buddha out of a closet. -paraphrase from Scotty Smith
  • (The prodigal son) never left his father’s favor… he just left his father. -Scotty Smith
  • You don’t come home to this Father to a penance… you come home to a celebration. -Scotty Smith
  • Got blinded a few times by the lights. Think they are still working on the cues.
  • In heaven, there will be no exegesis, no isogesis… just Jesus. -Buddy Owens
  • Joy is the emotion of hope. -Buddy Owens
  • Nicole C. Mullin, Tommy Walker, and the Conference Choir did a fantastic job. Jotted down some ideas about song selection.
  • I was a little distracted tonight. I’ll write about that in a separate post.

Time for some shut-eye.