Check It Out – HootSuite Hits 2 Million Users (via Mashable)

As churches find themselves (oftentimes) caching up to culture, those of us that seek to engage those without Jesus have to adapt and reach people where they are. That is one of the reasons I love social media. I am active on Twitter and Facebook, and I manage my church’s presence on each (wrote about our strategy here).

One of the tools I use to do this is Hootsuite. I came across Hootsuite as I searched for an alternative to Tweetdeck, which didn’t work for me. It’s reliance (at the time) on Adobe AIR made it hard to work with.

Hootsuite is great. It shows my timelines in an easy-to-read format, allows me to schedule updates, and tracks clicks to their custom URL shortener.

Check it out… HootSuite Hits 2 Million Users [INFOGRAPHIC].