Playground Chatting

Yesterday, my family and I went to a birthday/graduation party at a local park. There was a playground nearby, and Lydia and a friend wanted to go play. I volunteered to take them.

They had a blast.

Climbing and sliding. Climbing and sliding. And… sitting and talking?

Yep. She’s a Wellman.

The two of them would climb to the top of the playground, sit on the little bench, and talk for a few moments before sliding back down.

Why this made me think of her future I’m not sure. But as she sat and talked to this little boy, I started talking to Future Lyddie in my head…

You will meet lots of boys in your life. You will have your heart broken. And yes, someday (DV), you will meet a fantastic, Godly man. And you will get married.

But I’ll always be Daddy. And I’ll always love both my kids.

Happy Father’s Day!