Yellow Wranglers

Two Jeeps
Image by smthng via Flickr

The other day I was at a four-way stop, and I noticed that there were two identical Jeep Wranglers at the adjacent light.

I remember thinking…

I have never seen that before! Two Wranglers, maybe. But two YELLOW ones? Never!

I drive a grey Toyota Camry. If you haven’t noticed, there are MANY of them on the streets.

What does that say about the formula Toyota has found? I LOVE my Camry, and will likely always own one. And I don’t mind that I’m not particularly unique in that regard.

Is my Camry particularly exciting? No. Does it work? Yes.

Who needs unique?

This is not an anti-innovation philosophy. It’s an anti-fad philosophy. Innovation brought about mainstays like the Camry in the first place.

Unique things stand out, but does that equate to desirability? Maybe in the short term. But once the shine fades and practicality sets in, that which is proven and practical wins.

None of the preceding was a dig against Wrangler owners. To my knowledge, I don’t think I actually know any.