It’s Easy to Wish

It’s easy to wish that everyone believed the Bible.

It’s easy to wish that everyone that does believe it would apply it (though I sometimes wish I would apply it myself).

It’s easy to wish that those who choose not to apply it wouldn’t do so to the extent that they give the Church a black eye.

Wish as we may, this sometimes happens.

When Christians that are in the public eye decide to misrepresent Christ, it hurts the Body.

When Christians that are NOT in the public eye decide to misrepresent Christ, it hurts the Body.

We are called to obedience.

We are called to show our love for Christ through our obedience (John 14v15).

We are called to pay more attention to the specs in our own eyes than the logs in the eyes of others (Matthew 7v3).

We are also called to rebuke sin (Luke 17v3).

We are not called, however, to seek out those who need rebuking.

We are to live honorably and peaceably with all.

As much as it depends on us (Romans 12v17-18).

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