TV Is Amazing?

This commercial is currently running on Charter Cable…

Can’t see the video? Click here.

I wasn’t sure I heard it correctly when I first saw it. 

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy TV. But there are SOOOOO many things wrong with this commercial.

First… the premise. TV is amazing? Really? The technology or the content?

Second… the fact that it keeps getting better and better. Same question. Granted, it could be argued that the technology is improving in some ways, but the content? Hardly.

Third… I don’t “feel closer” to anyone after watching a show with them in it. And the idea that people think that way is creepy.

Fourth… if fewer people watch TV, that does not leave “more for the rest of us.” In fact, the fewer that watch pay TV, the less capital there is to make garbage programming.


2 thoughts on “TV Is Amazing?

  1. Sounds to me like less and less people really are watching tv so much so that the charter company is loosing business and needs to convince its customers that t.v. is really worthwhile…. good luck with that Charter.

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