Celebration Choir Is Back

Wednesday evening marked the restart of  Celebration Choir rehearsal schedule. We meet every Wednesday evening, right after the Midweek Worship service.

I have been looking forward to getting back into the groove. I am blessed to serve a talented group of singers that are constantly willing to try new things and give their best effort. This year, we are trying some new things to continue to raise the bar…

  1. Memorization. I have never been a huge proponent of memorization, but I am starting to see that it allows our singers to sing and worship more freely. So, we are setting a goal of memorizing at least half of the choir specials we sing in 2011.
  2. More orchestra. We have a fantastic Celebration Orchestra, and are going to give them even more opportunities to play this year. Our Easter services are already in the early stages of planning, and this year the orchestra will play the entire service with the choir. No tracks. This marks a significant change in our recent MO.
  3. Section leaders. We are an average-sized choir, but I believe that the addition of section leaders will help everyone to be better informed. These leaders will also help me stay on top of issues, concerns, health problems, scheduling difficulties, and other situations as they arise.
  4. Singing when we’re ready. By that, I mean that our goal will no longer be to have something ready to sing every week, but to have good quality music ready to sing as often as we can.

My prayer is that God will continue to grow this ministry, and that He will bless those that faithfully give their time and talent every week to see it through. Pray with me in this regard.