Thick white beard in the Artic Circle. Could t...
Image by Let Ideas Compete via Flickr

Looked in the gym mirror the other morning, and what did I see,

but a grey-bearded man looking back at me.

That’s right. At 35-years old, the salt is overtaking the pepper on my face (how’s THAT for a sentence).

Having acquired grey hair by age 16, I have always looked ten years older than I really am. But I hadn’t noticed the grey in my beard to that extent before.

I don’t fear getting older. Well, no more than the next person. However, I have wondered lately what my ministry will look like in ten years.

I once heard Pastor Johnny Hunt of First Baptist Church Woodstock say that he is aware that he is using his health up like a commodity, as it were. God gives us health and vitality, and He gives us tasks to use that health and vitality to accomplish.

Most of us in vocational ministry never intend to fully retire. We are aware that our ministries will change form and function, but we will likely always have SOMETHING to do for the Kingdom. I’m thankful that I can keep busy for the cause of Christ, and pray I’m able to for a long time to come.

Besides, my wife likes the grey!