Going Mobile


I wrote about this a while back, but I’m going to say it again…

I enjoy going mobile.

Going dark.

Office on the go.

I’m at the point where I do the vast majority of my planning AWAY from my office and laptop. I’m even writing this post freehand in my Moleskine (well, if you’re reading it now, that means I eventually DID make it back to a computer).

Don’t misunderstand: I’m NOT losing my love of technology. I just get my fill of it much faster these days.

I don’t think that those of us who dwell in the realm of the creative will ever again be able to forgo tech completely. But the occasional escape is fantastic.

(I will cheat in a few moments and check my Bible reading plan on YouVersion, but don’t tell anyone.)


2 thoughts on “Going Mobile

  1. Tech enables me, but my inspiration follows meditation. A closed door, empty white board, and guided reflection are indispensable tools to discover what one knows and where that knowledge can take you–or open vistas for further development.

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