Time to Preach

I got the opportunity to preach this past Wednesday night during our Midweek Worship service. It was a treat.

As a music pastor and outreach minister, much of my responsibility revolves around the church’s worship services and evangelistic efforts. The bulk of my public speaking is limited to the time between worship songs, the occasional post-service announcement, and instructions to our choirs and bands.

Many music ministers have no desire to preach. I’m not one of them. I LOVE getting the privilege to speak.

We don’t record Midweek services, but here is my outline…

2 Tim 3:16-17

“Non-COMPREHENSIVE List of Non-OPTIONAL Biblical Truths”

1. Christ might just return today.
Matt 24:36-44

2. Go make disciples.
Matt 28:18-20

3. Pay your tithe.
Lev 27:30-32
Mal 3:8-10

4. Be sacrificial.
Rom 12:1
Eph 5:1-2
2 Sam 23:13-17

5. All sins are sin.
Matt 7:1-5
James 2:8-11
Isaiah 53:6

6. Psst… Don’t gossip.
James 3:5-8
Rom 1:26-32
Ps 19:14

7. Do not hold a grudge.
Matt 5:23-24
Matt 18:15-17

8. “Not wrong” doesn’t mean “OK to do.”
1 Cor 8

9. You must be born again.
John 3:3

Take-Home – “So what?”
1. Salvation is a PATH, not an EVENT.
2. The Christian life is a MARATHON, not a SPRINT.

One thought on “Time to Preach

  1. Great outline, Son – wish I could have heard the whole thing. But the outline alone was clear and to the point. I’m going to copy it and stick it in my Bible for further reference.

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