Little Bible

I was having lunch with a friend the other day. We got to talking about Bible study: methods, what to read, etc.

I told him about my new method of keeping up with my Bible reading: being portable.

I made fun of some of the things I saw at the Crowder Fantastical conference I attended a couple of weeks ago  (never seen so many 3-day beards, faux-hawks, and skinny jeans in my life), but I embraced one of them: I carried a Moleskine and a little Bible the entire time I was in Waco, and have ever since.

I love the English Standard Version translation of the Bible. I have three copies: an ESV Scofield III, an ESV Study Bible, and an ESV Deluxe compact edition with a crown of thorns inlay (check it out). I’ve started carrying the compact Bible everywhere I go, and have found it perfect for easy reading on the go and in the pew.

My only gripe is that it is printed in a 6.4 point font. Kinda hard to read – especially the footnotes. But I still love the portability. Throwing my Scofield in my bag every morning was getting old. And the graphic is striking (I got a second glance or two on the plane from nearby passengers).

Though I generally prefer a physical copy of the Bible (wrote about that here), another way I read on the go is YouVersion on my iPhone. I am signed into the Prof. Horner Bible reading plan (10 chapters a day from all over the Bible), and am relieved that I have been able to give up the various bookmarks the hard-copy version required.

While riding the stationary bike at the gym, I pull out my compact ESV. Before I get out of bed in the morning, I use YouVersion (low-light setting on).

Anybody else?

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2 thoughts on “Little Bible

  1. I wish I could post an image here; I use Logos software and also tend to use ESV as a primary text. l am a visual learner, so l do a LOT of highlighting; with a computer l can quickly wipe that slate clean!

    1. Ward, that was another thing I should have mentioned about the little Bible approach: highlighting/underlining. Almost impossible with a 6-ish point font. I’m an underliner myself. One false move and I scratch through half a chapter!

      I’m thinking about picking up the same Bible in the next larger size, which, conveniently, is almost exactly the same size as my Moleskine.

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