Power Source

photo by Joe Bielawa

I was watching a portion of a Stevie Ray Vaughn concert on TV the other night. I am always compelled to watch SRV. I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but I appreciate his playing. It was always so tasteful when it needed to be and over the top the rest of the time.

I read an article in a guitar magazine about his famous guitar tone. I believe the magazine interviewed his guitar tech. He said that, since he played in large rooms with inconveniently placed power outlets, he used an AC box similar to a modern surge protector. It became a part of his gear.

At a show in a small club, they had close access to power and did not need the extension box. During sound check, SRV was not pleased with his tone at all. He played a few songs in the set and couldn’t take it anymore. They looked into it and discovered that the only difference in the rig on this particular night was the absence of the AC box. Immediately they plugged it in. And the tone was back. That one change made all the difference.

In my opinion, the most interesting part of that story is the fact that they did NOT KNOW that the AC box had ANYTHING to do with his legendary tone. In hindsight, had they known the difference that the box made to his tone, they would have MADE SURE that it was ALWAYS plugged in.

Is there a takeaway for the Christian? Are there things that we neglect as followers of Christ that, if we knew the impact of their absence, we would make ABSOLUTELY SURE they were not neglected?

Fortunately, we have a guide Book for the necessities of a blessed life. But so many of us neglect the truths it contains. And many more ignore the King of Kings entirely.

May we be dissatisfied with living life while ignoring the truths of the Word of God. May conviction of sin and the testimonies of the Lord grip me today, and may I be given an opportunity to share my faith with someone who needs Jesus.