Apologizing for the Holy Spirit

I am sitting in the sound booth at church, furiously babysitting the CD burner. I’m making rehearsal CDs for the choir of our Christmas musical.

I’m thinking about outreach. We had a good turnout last night for GROW (God Rewards Our Work, for the uninitiated).

As we always do, we prayed before we went out. I led the prayer last night, asking God to bless us and for the Holy Spirit to work ahead of us, preparing us for the visits we were about to make and for the hearts of the people we were visiting to be open.

And off we went.

The family my partner and I went to see were not home. Same thing happened to another team.

Then I got to thinking.

When that happens, I have made it my practice in the past to apologize to folks for them having to come out without finding people at home.

Did I mean what I prayed?

Didn’t I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us in our visits? Was I sincere in my desire for Him to work ahead of us as we ventured out? For what was I apologizing?

I often forget (read, ignore) the fact that God knows best. For whatever reason, we weren’t supposed to see those people last night. If we were, they would have been home.

So, GROWers… if I apologize to you in the future like that… don’t accept it.