Botched Prayer

Have you ever really botched a public prayer? I did this past Sunday.

A few minutes before Morning Worship starts, I get the choir together in the choir room to warm-up on the song for the day. Then I pray and we walk out to the platform.

This particular prayer did NOT come out the way I intended. I started out OK, but by the end I had to correct myself. Somehow, I ended up asking God to save people “if it be Your will.” OOPS! Obviously, it IS God’s will for people to be saved, otherwise the¬†entirety of the Gospel¬†was a COLOSSAL misstep. I corrected myself, and, not knowing what else to say, I said, “AMEN!

All my choir members indicated that they understood, but it was still kinda funny.

Have you ever had a Public Prayer Incident? How did you recover?