In the Moment

I have a friend that is new to Facebook. I’ve enjoyed reading his posts.

The other day, he wrote this about bringing his son home from camp…

“I was impressed he didn’t play his (Nintendo) DS on the ride back–I think being ‘off the net’ for a week was healthy for him–he re-learned how to ‘be present in the moment.'”

How many of us need to try that? I sure do.

A while back, John Saddington (aka Human3rror) posted a picture on ChurchCrunch that said the following:


Good advice.

Much of what I do is computer related, as is the case with most professions these days. We all out of necessity spend a lot of time in front of glowing rectangles.

I have observed many folks in my Twitter circle taking technology breaks lately. Not ONE of them ever comes out of a tech fast wishing they had spent MORE time online.

It is refreshing, every once in a while, to put the phone out of reach and just DWELL. In the moment. I need to do that more often.

Time to shut this glowing rectangle off.  🙂