Useful: Plan Ahead

This is an updated version of a post from NoCamo 1.0 on October 8, 2009.

Twitter is a never-ending source of information and nonsense (my tweets tend to the latter). That said, every now and then there is a gem to be found. And often those gems are not even meant to be gems.

As I have said before, I am a tennis fan. However, the only tennis star I follow on Twitter is Andy Roddick. Early this morning he said this:

good news is i started serving good in practice today bad news is its 3 days too late

I did a little digging. He was referring to a loss to qualifier Lukasz Kubot in the first round of the China Open on October 6th. His serve was broken a number of times and was a key factor in his losing the match.

How many of us can relate? How many of us regret not being better prepared for what comes at us? How many of us wish we knew then what we know now? How many of us have needed to make changes in our lives, only to run out of time?

I have known many seasons in my life where I knew I needed to prepare for something, but never got around to it. Whether it has been studying for a test, paying a bill, or writing a card, I have always had a problem staying on top of what needs to be done. Procrastination has been (and continues to be) a struggle in my life. I know what needs to be done, but put it off. Then, when I need to be finished with a task or prepared for an eventuality, I’m empty-handed. Useless.

As believers and followers of Christ, we need to be ready for whatever occurs. We need to be prayed up BEFORE hardships come. We need to be studying the Word BEFORE we are confronted at work about our beliefs. We need to establish moral safeguards in our lives BEFORE we face sexual temptation. We need to be known for our honesty BEFORE our honesty is questioned. We need to plan ahead.

Do you think Andy knew his serve was suspect before he went into that match? Definitely. We all know our problem areas, too. We know what our hot button issues are… what temptations ensnare us the easiest… what deficiencies could be problematic if they were scrutinized. We all need to periodically take a close look at what we need to do. And then do it while we still can.

I am committing to make the changes God wants me to make when He wants me to make them, because He is always preparing me for SOMETHING. If you know Him, He has a plan for you, too.

Get ready.

(By the way, that post came out of me easier than most. SOMEBODY needs to read it. I know I needed to write it. Pass it along.)