My world is noisy.

As a music pastor and musician, I dwell in sound. If I’m not dealing with tonality, I’m working with volume. If it’s not equalization, it’s clarity. Right notes, wrong notes, weird notes, bass, treble, in tune, out of tune, sound, sound, sound.

So QUIET rarely makes an appearance in my worship planning.

Tonight, it did make an appearance in my pastor’s planning. Quiet and prayer.

We sang praises as usual. Then Pastor Bryan got up, spoke for about five minutes about prayer, and the rest of our worship time consisted of individuals, families, and other groups praying for our church.

It was wonderful to see. Men and women, teens, children… all on their knees before a loving God.

As a Church, I think we need to do that more often. I don’t think we put a premium on the power of prayer like we should. It’s easy to say, “You’re never stronger than when you’re on your knees.” But it’s harder to live it.

I’m glad we did that.