Dipping Her Toes In

My family and I just got back from vacation. Eight states and 1,925 miles. We had a blast at the beach.

The kids had a great time. Our boy, Tony, had been to the beach before, and he was hitting the surf hard with his boogie board from go.

It was my three-year-old daughter Lydia’s first time at the shore. By the end of the week, she was running out into the surf and climbing down into the baby pool before we noticed she was gone.

Once she started getting in the water, she had a blast. But she didn’t start the week that way. She was pretty timid at first, barely wanting to get her toes wet, crying at every mention of the water.

On the way back home, we stopped in Kentucky to visit my family. As often happens when talking with my mom, the conversation turned to church-related subjects. We talked about the new sermon series at church entitled Characteristics of an Unhealthy Church. It’s about what it takes for a body of believers to be spiritually healthy, fully devoted to God’s perfect will.

As we were talking, it occurred to me that most Christians approach their walk the way my daughter approached the ocean.



Not fully invested.


As a result, they never fully realize their potential spiritually, nor do they know the close relationship with Jesus that is possible. It’s not until they let go of their insecurities and desire for control that they can fully enjoy what a life depending on God can provide.

Is it dangerous to follow God? It can be, yes. But the alternative is much more frightening. And the benefits of a devoted Christian life are eternal. Literally.

Dive in.